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Various synthetic cannabinoids (e.g., JWH-018, UR144, AKB48, etc.) laced on plant material have been
encountered by law enforcement in recent years.ab-fubinaca These
products laced with synthetic cannabinoids are smoked for
their psychoactive effects. In response to State and Federal
control of these synthetic cannabinoids, a transition to new
synthetic cannabinoids laced on plant material has been
observed. AB is a synthetic cannabinoid
recently encountered on the designer drug market and has
been found laced on plant material and marketed under the
guise of herbal incense products.
Licit Uses:
AB-FUBINACA was previously reported in a patent by
Pfizer in 2009. There are no commercial or medical uses for
this substance.
AB-FUBINACA is also known as N-(1-amino-3-methyl1-oxobutan-2-yl)-1-(4-fluorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-
carboxamide. It has the molecular formula C20H21FN4O2 and
molecular weight 368.4 g/mol. The chemical structure for
AB-FUBINACA is shown belo

Contains one gramm of min 98%+ pure FUBINACA per order unit.


There is no recomended dose since AB is not for human consumption but is sold only as a research chemical for research purpose.


The clinical effects of most new designer drugs  can be described as either hallucinogenic, stimulant, or opioid-like. They may also have a combination of these effects due to designer side-chain substitutions.

Side effects

Like other designer drugs they can cause strong side effects; the substance is not clinically tested nor licensed in any way as a product for consumption! Therefore it is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION but for SCIENTIFICAL RESEARCH ONLY!

How to store

Keep  below 30 degrees Celsius. Store AB-FUBINACA in the original package, protect from direct sunlight and moisture.


10g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1000g

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