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About 2C-I

it is a psychedelic drug that is a phenethylamine, or an organic compound that acts as a nervous system stimulant.The 2C-I drug gained the nickname smiles because,

unlike many psychedelic drugs, 2C-I has effects similar to MDMA (ecstasy).

the drug was synthesized by Alexander Shulgin in 1975, along with some other phenethylamines and the rest of the drugs.

He published a study measuring the potency of these drugs and later a book titled PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story.

Shulgin is credited with introducing MDMA to the scientific community and through his work became known as the “godfather of psychedelics”. In his published writings,

he describes a plethora of different chemical compounds with slight variations and varied effects.

2C-I is often confused with the drug 2C-I-NBOMe which is a psychedelic that also shares some effects similar to MDMA. However, this drug, also known as “smiles,” has a much lower active dose than NBOMe.

It has lead to overdoses when users take a dose that would be appropriate for 2C-I.

Buy Quality 2C-I Online

Physiological Experience Of 2C-I

Since the  drug is a stimulant, it causes a variety of effects that manifest in the body including muscle spasm, cramps, and contractions. In a 2014 study, researchers found that the drug produced a head twitch in mice.2c-i

The drug has other physical effects that aren’t typical of other psychedelics like DMT or psilocybin. For instance, the drug effects raise energy levels in a way that is similar to MDMA. it is also said to produce an intense “body high”, or pins and needles and skin sensitivity, in a larger dosage that isn’t present in other psychedelics.2c-i for sale

Users also experience unpredictable rushes of bodily warmth that start at the top of the head. Others who experience this kind of physical euphoria may also feel an intensification of the sense of touch.

How it is used

2C-B is normally sold as pills or powders, with pills having different colours and logos similar to ecstasy. 2C-B can be swallowed, snorted and less commonly smoked. 2C drugs can also be found in liquid form but at present this is less common.


Drugs can impact each person differently, below are common effects and risks.

  • It can be hard to predict how a person will react to 2c type drugs for the first time. These drugs can impact people based on how they are currently feeling and what setting they are in. The potency and dose of the product will impact on the effects a person feels.
  • Some people may have an energetic experience whereas other will experience more of a psychedelic experience.
  • You could feel more alert, energised, be more aware of colours, sounds and smells
  • You can see, hear and feel things that don’t exisit ‘hallucinate’
  • Be unaware of time, it could speed up or slow down ‘time distortion’
  • Some people may feel unwell, vomit, experience chills
  • Feel hyper sensitive, confused, paranoid or anxious
  • Some people may have difficulty sleeping after use

Other risks

  • This family of drugs can have different effects for people at different times. The effects can be impacted  where the person is at emotionally, their mental health status and their setting.
  • You can never be fully sure of the contents of illicit drugs. Pills and powders could contain other harmful substances or adulterants.
  • It is important to remember that these drugs vary in potency which can be risky.
  • Hallucinating or ‘tripping’ might be difficult or frightening for some people. It is important to talk about how you are feeling if you are experiening issues after.
  • If you use when you aren’t feeling great this could be intensified after using.
  • Increased health risk if used with other drugs, including other stimulants, alcohol, prescription medication
  • There is a risk of over-stimulating the heart and circulation
  • Some 2C drugs increase blood pressure
  • People who are experiencing mental health concerns or those with a family history of mental illness may be at increased risk to negative outcomes.

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